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10 Things You Missed in Dark, These Will Surely Blow Your Mind


Dark is a sci-fi fictional and thriller web series. The German series is co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The series ran for a total 3 season and was able to gather a huge number of fan following. Especially from the sci-fi community.

Things You Didn’t Notice and Made a Big Difference.

A mist of mystery has covered the series from the beginning. And many little details were added to hint more about the surrounding. But many viewers may have missed them, here are few of those Easter eggs that you might have missed in the series.

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1- The name of the town is also a big hint of what is going to happen. The German name Winden, one meaning of the word is wind. But the creators like to go with the meaning Twist, which fits as all the twist that is winding in the show.

2- The newspaper article that frames Ulrich as the child murderer. Someone pointed out that the article is dipped in Kafka’s writing. The words like “The Trial”, “In The Penal Colony” etc. It means that Ulrich is trapped in a situation also known as Kafkaesque”.

3- The phrase “No future”, this phrase is a favourite of the teen Ulrich, and we have seen it everywhere from his Jacket to his Bedroom wall. Which may also indirectly say that Ulrich as a person has no future as he is trapped in the loop of time.

4- The Magic trick Mikkel’s magic trick with two cups and he saying the question is not how but when. He has foreseen his disappearance, not fromWinden but from time.

5- There an Ode to Old Helge, in the newspaper article where we see the news about Mikkel. In the left-hand corner, we see an old Helge Dapples reported killed in an accident.

6- H.G Tannahaus, The surname Tannahaus can be a reference to the Tannhauser gate from the Blade Runner, responsible for warp portal and space travel.

7- The word Doppler in German meaning double, which may also have much meaning from having a double life to Doppler effect and Doppler shift.

8- The name Hanno Tauber, the name Tauber means a deaf person, and it may be a reference to young Elizabeth who is deaf.

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The show title itself is dipped in mystery. It is a show you can’t miss. It is filled with twist and plot and if you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for.

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