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10 Mistakes Done by The Professors in Money Heist, These Will Surely Blow Your Mind


Money Heist is one of the most famous crime, heist and thriller series. Created by Alex Pina, the show was initially premiered on The Spanish Network Antenna 4.

Mistakes You Didn’t Notice and Made a Big Difference.

Money Heist is no wonder one of the most addictive shows out there. But here are a few mistakes that fans might have missed.

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1- Now for a show like Money Heist this kind of mistakes are trivial yet eagle eyes fans caught it. And the first one in our list is the Junkyard Owner. Junkyard owner who claimed that he had seen the Professor completed the sketch. Still, after being threatened by the Professor, he destroys it, instead of redrawing it or making any changes.

2- The huge numbers of Clowns in the 12th episode of 2nd season. Moreover, the question arises where did he find so many Clowns for the acting auditions and if all the clowns were stopped, but The Professor was walking freely.

3- This one is a real downer the professional are portrayed with poor shooting skills. And when Arturo was shot in the volley of bullets, he was only hit ones and that too on the shoulder.

4- Racquel’s character was sharing confidential information with her lover, whom she met just a week ago. Very unprofessional.

5- If the crew was planing for the heist for 5 months, why didn’t they dig it beforehand, it could have saved them time.

6-However, the Hnadcuff’s on Gandia’s hand was open. Well, he just behaved a good prisoner being tortured.

7- Gandia escaping every time unharmed. Even if he has a lifetime experience in covert operations, but this time it is an overkill.

8- The main asset in the plot didn’t contribute to the plot. Although, the crew wasted time instead of just aking the governer for the panic room.

9- Palermo being a hypocrite, Palermo was shown dedicated to the plan, but yet he messes it up.

10- However, Tokyo and her age, in the early episodes of the show Rio was told that her girlfriend was 19 years older, while in the later episode Tokyo was said to be 15 years older than Rio.


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Money Heist even with its a mistake is no doubt one of the best series out there. The show is nearing its end now, and it is the best time to rewatch it again.

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