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Netflix’s Whipped Binge It or Skip It?


Whipped or Bucin premiered on 18 September 2020 on Netflix. This is an Indonesian movie directed by Chandra Liow, written by Jovial Da Lopez and Tanya Yuson. Whipped revolves around a group of friends who are desperate for love due to their unhappy love lives. This lack of love drives them to take unorthodox methods. And their life turns into complete chaos with a touch of comedy. 

Storyline of Whipped

The main plot is about four lifelong friends who are unsatisfied with their unhealthy relationships. And they use a very unusual way to fulfill their wants. They visit a love guru, which doesn’t bring any happiness in their lives. On the other hand, it creates chaos and even threatens their friendship and relationships. The Indonesian name of this film is “Bucin,” which means love slaves in English.

Binge It or Skip It

Whipped or Bucin release date

Whipped or Bucin is a funny movie, but it certainly lacks many things to qualify as a must-watch. And most importantly, the main plot seems to be very loose and boring. The story around which this movie is based looks very unnecessary and not worthy of all these things.

This film promises a surprise element, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come. Though, it talks about the pain which is caused by one-sided love or an unhealthy relationship. We will recommend you all to – Skip It! The loopholes make this movie unbearable at times. This movie treats women as secondary in society, which is very wrong. The trailer promised a lot, but it never lived up to its expectations. 

Renewal Status

Whipped or Bucin cast

On 18 October 2020, Whipped released on Netflix. It has a duration of about 97 minutes. This movie has a blend of actors with a YouTuber. Jovial Da Lopez, Andovi Da Lopez(YouTuber), and Tommy Limmm. And other members include Susan Sameh, Karina Salim, Kezia Aletheia, and Widika Sidmore, are part of this movie. 

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