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Amber Heard Having frolic with her Horse after Vacationing 

Amber Heard is on a rampage of self-love. Her happy go lucky vibes are making us netizens jealous after all. After being in the public eye and going through a public legal battle with Johnny Depp, she knows what she must focus on in life.


Amber was recently spotted horseback riding on her farm. Pictures of the actress on a horse have been surfacing online. She could be seen flaunting her perfect shape in those pictures. She chose to wear very casual attire while having fun out in the open.

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It is a given that taking care of animals is the best feeling in the world. Amber recently said that her father taught horseback riding when she was a kid. So, since her very childhood, she has been nursing and riding horses. It was her father who made sure that she learned this very skill. It looks like Heard learned it well. The way she was spotted on the horse, riding in on the field, took our breath away.

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What’s Amber Heard up to These Days

Amber Heard has been keeping herself busy by touring wonderful destinations around. She just returned from her vacation in Turkey. Her Instagram is flooded with pictures of her little solo vacation. The Aquaman actress went on tour after the court trails with her ex-husband Johnny Depp in London. But it is good that she is leaving all the hate behind and focusing on herself. Well, traveling can indeed help one to detoxify. She indeed had complete detoxification. Heard is currently home and with her family.

It is wonderful that Heard went on to search for her inner peace amidst all this chaos. She took to nurturing her pet horse to find her peace. Well, we do agree with her on this. Petting and loving animals are the best feelings ever.

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