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10 Facts we Bet You Dont Know about The Punisher Season 3

Introduction to The Punisher Season 3 

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We all know The Punisher and the famous Frank Castle. He is a pretty famous street vigilante from the Marvel Universe. After coming back from his service, he was only looking forward to happy days with his family. However, on a good day at the park, the mafia decided to take their revenge, and the Castle family died. 

Some people believe that Frank survived. But it is most likely that another man came and became The Punisher

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

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  1. As surprising as it may see, The Punisher is a reader. He loves books, and he even liked poetry as a child. 
  2. Just like most of the superheroes, The Punisher also served in the Vietnam war. 
  3. Frank Castle is not all that bad. Since he was himself a soldier, he has immense respect for soldiers and police officers. If you notice, whenever police are after him, he doesn’t harm them. He does give them a rough time, but thats all. 
  4. Frank’s skull is all about him walking with the lord of Death. He doesn’t go on a killing spree for fun. He kills people who he thinks deserve to die. Either way, no one is allowed to do what he does, especially with his symbol. 
  5. After Frank’s wife, son, and daughter died, he lost all remorse. But he did take on other lovers, and one of them got pregnant. And he didn’t know about the child until she got kidnapped. 
  6. Frank Castle worships Captain America. 
  7. All his killings are only because of his anger and pain. So he wants to feel all of them, and that’s why he never consumes alcohol. 
  8. Frank is a loner, which also suites his type of work. He cannot afford to have allies. 
  9. Frank was pretty quiet as a child. He even saw a girl’s father put a paedophile on fire. 
  10. The Punisher is very well aware that he is not a hero. Until Death comes to take him, he will kill everyone who deserves to die. 


The Punisher is the ultimate fantasy of doing the right things in the wrong ways. People have their opinions on everything he does. But from the looks of it, The Punisher is only channeling his grief.

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