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10 Facts we Bet You Dont Know about Luke Cage

Introduction to Luke Cage

If you are a Marvel Universe fan, you got to know about Luke Cage. He is probably the most underrated heroes in the Marvel superheroes. Nevertheless, he is a perfect street fighter! He is a mix between the go-getter and an investigator, so he shares a bond with Daredevil

Well, this is not the first time that he has come into the world. He was introduced back in the 20th century as well. But people didn’t buy his superhero qualities. Even later in the early 2000s, when someone tried to bring him back, he was rejected. But good for us that Netflix bought the rights and made a whole series for him. And let’s say Netflix didn’t regret a bit. 

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

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  1. Luke Cage‘s body is indestructible. His skin is so thick that even a bullet can’t get through.
  2. Cage wasn’t born with superhero abilities. It happened because of an experiment gone wrong. And the faulty serum not only gave him superpowers but also multiplied his anger. 
  3. Not just his body, even his jacket has superpowers. The same serum went through his jacket as well, and no one can’t hurt it anymore. 
  4. Cage has not only super strength but also a super-fast healing process if he gets hurt at all. 
  5. Well, every superhero has a weakness, and so does Luke Cage. He is vulnerable in the head. The series did show him having mild to severe concussions. Cage is tough from the outside, but he is as scared as anyone else from the inside.
  6. As indestructible, his skin is, his internal organs are human. He is vulnerable to poison, just like any other human.
  7. As per the Marvel data, Luke Cage’s height is 6’6 and weighs 425 pounds (193 kgs approximately) 
  8. Despite Spider Man’s powers, Luke Cage is unstoppable. He can break them in no time. 
  9. Not just Cage himself, but even his daughters have power. It wasn’t touched upon in the series, but the comics talk in-depth. 
  10. The only device that can get through Cage’s skin (theoretically) is a surgical laser. 


The newest addition to the Marvel Universe, Luke Cage is the ultimate street hero. His powers were an accident, but he got stronger than ever. 

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