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10 Facts we Bet You Dont Know about Daredevil

Introduction to Daredevil 

Daredevil has a movie and three seasons under his name. And the world has showered him with love. But his life isn’t that easy at all. While he realizes his superpowers, he is also a lawyer. So he is not only fighting against the crime in the world as the blind Daredevil but also as a lawyer. 

But these things are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other things that people don’t know about him. And we got them to you! 

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

  1. Daredevil is the superhero in red and black. But the makers initially wanted to make his costume in Yellow and Black. 
  2. Even though some feel that he’s better than Spiderman, this hasn’t affected them at all. Daredevil and Spiderman are friends. 
  3. He is also brilliant. Once when he accidentally leaked his little secret, he immediately came up with the twin brother lie.
  4. Daredevil has had the best of the love life with Black Widow. He saved her from a murder charge, and they fell in love. Soon enough, they were fighting crimes together at night. But their relationship didn’t make it to the end. 
  5. Most of the Marvel heroes stay in New York. But Daredevil is the one who moved to San Francisco with Black Widow. 
  6. Fantastic Four fired Matt Murdock as their lawyer. They hired him to look through some legal documents, and there he discovered that there was going to be some invasion for confidential information. He put on the Daredevil costume and left to prevent it. But the Fantastic Four didn’t know about it and fired him for not doing his job. 
  7. DC and Marvel have always had some rivalry. But Daredevil has met Batman. They both teamed up to save lives. 
  8. Matt is as human as we all are. With the kind of job he does and the trauma he deals with, Daredevil suffers from Depression. 
  9. Matt’s blindness adds to the twist, but there have been times that he got his eyesight back for some time. 
  10. Matt got married to Milla Donavan, but later she ends up in a mental institution. 


Daredevil has his place in people’s hearts. While he fights crime, we get more facts to binge on!

Himanshi Gupta
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