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Johnny Depp Invests $60,000 for Safety of Crew while Filming


Johnny Depp does not seem to be such a bad man. He is generous and kind to people. The allegations put on him by ex-wife Amber Heard seem quite unbelievable when his act of helping was seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean set. As we already know, Pirates of the Caribbean is a movie that most needs a ship—simultaneously filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger tides when there were adverse artificial climatic conditions that were important for shooting. There were a lot of problems while shooting that.

Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

Detailed Info on the Breaking News about Johnny Depp

Working in such adverse conditions would have set all the crew members to have fallen sick. Thus, Johnny decided to take the initiative and help them. He spent nearly $60,000 from his pocket to buy waterproof jackets for all the crew members. After this act, who would say that Johnny is the one who had beaten up his wife or has promoted domestic violence. Well, the court will soon come to know the real story behind the allegations, sooner or later.

Johnny Depp spent nearly $60,000

What’s Johnny Depp up to These Days

Johnny Depp took to his Instagram to mention the movie, “Waiting for the Barbarians.” He says that the movie features his dear friends, Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson. The movie had already had a release in the UK, and people can enjoy watching the show until the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie would have arrived. Johnny Depp has recently started working for his next movie, Fantastic Beasts 3, premiered next year.

At present, the actor has been banished from Disney and also the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He is probably going to have a comeback soon into the franchise according to sources. It may be due to the need for a proper closure to Johnny’s character, which was Captain Jack Sparrow.

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