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Camila Cabello Sharing Cozy Vibes with Life Coach Matthew Hussey

Camila Cabello is enjoying her time. She ha a new man in her life. Netizens are shipping this very relationship. Rumor has it that the couple has been doing great together. They have a lot in common, and they just all about each other. this new man in Cabello’s life is indeed like a breath of fresh air.


Camilla was spotted with her beau just recently. The pictures of hers with Cosmopolitan writer Matthew Hussey, 30 is going viral. Hussey writes for the dating column in the magazine.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

These love birds have been going about one another for quite some time now. Camilla has been roaming publically with Matthew lately. Both of them share a very sweet relationship. Cabello was seen donned in a black bikini and a kimono while she shared hugs and kisses with the columnist.

Camilla and Matthew Relationship History

Well, the couple has not at all tagged whatever is going on between them. They are just living life as it is. They are living in the present and trying to squeeze every ounce of fun from it. Cabello’s breakup from her former boyfriend must have been hard. But Hussey is there to soothe her now. They complement one another a lot. They are like the best couple in town currently. Let us hope they keep on going strong like this in the future too. For now, neither her nor Hussey have commented on their very relationship.

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This new man in the songstress’s life has made her happy. The way they are with one another signifies this very aspect of them. Cabello has been linked with many men in Hollywood. Her recent romance with Shawn Mendes too ended on a weird note. But we are happy that the songstress has someone to love and adore in these troubled times.

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