5 Fan Theories about Dark Season 3, That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Dark Season 3

Introduction to Dark

The recent show that has taken the streaming giant Netflix by a storm is the Dark, the sci-fi the drama has undoubtedly become the center point of any discussion. Starting with the confusing timeline to exploring complex physical laws. The German show began in 2017 and ran for three full seasons.

Fan Theories That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

Even the show has completed it’s run, it has left many unanswered questions. With it’s the unusual ending to the yellow raincoat reappearing. Here are a few of the fan theories and conspiracies that have been doing rounds lately.

1- The show, we have seen a rather unusual thing that is an alternate universe. Suppose the second Martha that comes at the end of the first season is actually from another reality. It even opens up the pandora’s box of discussion that there may exist multiple realities in the show itself.

2- There is another theory boiling up, and that is by the end of season 3, Martha and Jonas disappear, and the cycle was broken, and things have been undone. But fans believe that they have gone to the future into their reality from where it all started.

3- This theory gives fans the benefit of the doubt, and that is Jonas and Martha are Adam and Eve. And hence the story is not complete yet.

4- Noah, the preacher of time, and Claudia are in a time war. Well, that is a theory that will need a few hundred pages to fill. Nevertheless, an interesting theory.

5- Winden vanishes, and every event that is born as a butterfly effect. The characters trapped in the time net are unaware of the fact, and maybe time doesn’t want them to know.


 Dark Season 4 release date

Dark as the name suggests, it is one of the darkest and mysterious show on Netflix with a huge fan following, this is a must-watch show. With only three episodes, this is an excellent show for sci-fi geeks like us.


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