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10 Facts we Bet You Dont Know about The Crown Season 5

Introduction to The Crown Season 5 

Netflix series The Crown showcases the past life of Queen Elizabeth II. It shows how a young and newly married princess had to take over the throne over a short notice after her father died. The series shows the struggles Queen went through in running the country and internal politics and family life. 

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away 

  1. To everyone’s surprise, The Crown‘s Queen Elizabeth II, Claire Foy’s paycheck was less hefty than Prince Philips Matt Smith. Reason being that at that time, Matt was more famous than Foy. 
  2. The Crown will most likely never cover the story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. However, Markle is welcomed to play herself if so happens. 
  3. Tobias Menzies plays the role of Prince Philip in The Crown Season 3. He revealed that he was never really interested in the royal family before he got the part. 
  4. With just the first two seasons, The Crown won around 25 awards. And the list includes Emmy Awards, BAFTA Awards, and much more. 
  5. Olivia Colman was pretty intimidated by Claire Foy’s fan following. In an interview, she revealed that she tried to follow Claire’s footsteps during the first week of the shoot. 
  6. Claire Foy wore a corset throughout the first season of The Crown. In an interview, she revealed that she started shooting soon after having a baby. She was bigger than she usually was, so she felt she needed one to maintain her posture. 
  7. Before starting the shoot, Matt Smith met Prince William, and he got some tips on how to play the role of his grandfather. 
  8. Reports suggest that the Queen has seen the first season of the show, and she liked it. But Prince Philip hasn’t, and he isn’t planning to either. 
  9. The show is super expensive to make. As per reports, The Crown Season 1 and 2 cost around $130 million together. 
  10. Before taking on the role of Princess Diana, Emma Corrins was pretty much unknown. Some even say that before appearing on screen, she had some 60 followers on Instagram. 


The Crown is a pretty sophisticated series showing the life of the royals. While it may not be the replica of their lives, it has majorly been picked from in-depth research. Well, fans loved the series so far!

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