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10 Facts we Bet You Dont Know about Daredevil

Introduction to Daredevil 

It’s been some time since the series Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has ended on Netlflix. But people do love the series and have been hoping for it to have a comeback. But fans don’t need to wait anymore. Disney has officially bought the streaming rights of the series. And they are planning to bring the series back on screens by November this year. 

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

  1. The Daredevil is better than Spider-man. He can sense anything around him from changes in the air or the heartbeat. 
  2. Most superhero movies or series are built around the idea of the protagonist killing the devil. But Daredevil across history was the leader of The Hand at one point. 
  3. When Matt accidentally leaked himself as Daredevil to Foggy and Karen, he created a twin brother’s story. 
  4. The spill that took away young Murdock’s eyesight is the same spill that let the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mutate. 
  5. When it comes to religion, the Marvel superheroes usually have stayed away from it. But Daredevil is different. He is a very strong follower of Catholicism. 
  6. Matt Murdock is good at martial arts, probably better than any other Marvel Universe hero. He used to help his father teach others before he lost his sight. 
  7. Even though Matt Murdock is a superhero, he has his share of inner demons too. He murdered Bullseye and Elektra. And he also had The Hand under him to control the mafia. 
  8. Daredevil’s costume was planned to be a combination of yellow and black.
  9. Daredevil is not only a superhero, but he is a human first. And he faces struggles in his human life. One such is that he struggles through depression. 
  10. Daredevil has been a ladies guy. With multiple flings around here and there, he finally gets married to Milla Donovan. 


The series Daredevil has been a fan favorite ever since it came out the first time. And now that there are chances that it might get picked again has made the fans even more excited. 

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