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Ariana Grande Superfan Georgina’s Parents Cursed Bomber in a Interview


In 2017, there was one of the tragic incidents that have left our spines chilling. The incident took place on May 22, 2017. A suicide bomber attacked in a crowded concert in Manchester Arena. There was a concert over there, where Ariana Grande was performing. Minutes after her performance, the terrorists pulled the trigger of the bomb and killed as many as 22 people in nanoseconds. There were more than 100 people injured and thousands effected due to the tragic incident. Among those 22 innocent people, one was Georgina Callander.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News about Manchester Incident

Georgina Callander was 18 years old when the incident happened, and she was also a superfan of Ariana Grande. Just like the thousands of people in the crowd, Georgina was also a spectator of the concert. She was willing to become a pediatrician and treat premature babies. She was also able to study at the Runshaw College in Leyland, under the subject of health and social care. But before could have fulfilled her dreams, the suicide bomber put a permanent stop to her dreams.

Whats Georgina‘s Parents up to These Days

Georgina‘s parents are unable to accept the loss. Her mother was the one who felt the loss of the girl more than anyone else. She said, her life has turned up right down, she had been put into such darkness that does not haven single ant ray of light. The parents of the 18-year-old want the terrorist to rot in the darkest corner of hell and get punished with the curses that the sufferers of the attack have on him. The family friends and relatives have given tribute to the girl by wearing her favorite color dresses, which is yellow. Though Georgina is no more, jer beautiful smile remains immortal.

The bomb blast has made millions of people to curse the terrorists. However, the incident has left scars that can never be healed. The 22 people who lost their lives may rest in peace.

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