5 Fan Theories about The Umbrella Academy Season 3 That Will Blow Your Mind Away

The Umbrella Academy Season 3

Introduction to The Umbrella Academy Season 3 

Netflix series The Umbrella Academy is the story of two adopted brothers on a quest for answers. They both find out about their inheritance of superpowers after their father’s death. At the same time, they also have to save the world from an upcoming apocalypse. 

Fan Theories That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right away

Out of all the theories over the internet, the most popular has to be of The Sparrow Academy. It suggests that Hargreeves created a new academy because of the disappointment he faced in 1963. He allegedly chose the six kids on purpose and never failed to unite them as long as they ensure his immortality. 

Vanya was the creator of two apocalypses. So it won’t be surprising if Harlan becomes the new villain possessing Vanya’s powers. Although it would be pretty interesting to see and we have seen Harlan tossing a sparrow symbol-like object around. But it would not in the best interests to show an Autistic character as evil.

Another popular theory is that Pogo is alive. And if he is, he’d be even more aggressive this time, especially after Ben’s attitude. Some also say that Pogo might be a member of The Sparrow Academy. 

One of the wildest theories rocking off the internet is about a parallel universe. And a parallel universe not in the sense of another world exactly like the current one. But a separate look-a-like. Some fans suggest that there is a possibility that the Community’s Infinite Switchboard never really saved the world. It created a whole new timeline, a different world. If this is the case, there are chances of universe hopping in The Umbrella Academy Season 3


The series The Umbrella Academy has been a success ever since it released its first season. It is not just another super story; it goes beyond the cliché heroes and their adventures. And that’s what has kept the audience demanding for more. 


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