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5 Fan Theories about Riverdale Season 5 That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Introduction to Riverdale Season 5 

Netflix series Riverdale is about a small town but tons of illegal mysteries. It all starts over the murder of a high-status boy which further leads to a drug cartel in the town. Further gets extended when Veronica and her criminal family shifts to Riverdale and soon enough, her criminal father comes back too. The series is filled with Highschool children solving the mysteries and saving their home. So far, the series has had four successful runs, and the fifth one is coming soon. But till then, we have some fan theories for you to binge on.

Fan Theories That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

One of the most popular theory for Riverdale Season 5 is the lead cast getting graduated. So there are chances that we might see a couple of years jump in the upcoming season. We saw in the last season that Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Archie had plans to go to different universities. So it would be hard to imagine what would happen to the town while they all are off to college. 

We also saw that Charles was behind the raunchy tapes. And we know that Jellybean, Jughead’s sister, appeared out of nowhere whenever tapes were mentioned. So there are chances that we see Jellybean get a little evil in the next season. And not to forget that Mr Honey also recorded the empty school to scare off the students from having a prom night. He might want his revenge too. 

And most importantly, the mystery of the creepy tapes hasn’t been solved yet. Towards the end of Riverdale Season 4, we see that it’s not just one person doing all of that. It’s a group of people behind everything. Now the question is, will the core four ever leave for college or will they be stuck in Riverdale and miss out? Or who will be the next core four? 


The series Riverdale has earned a cult following and immense appreciations for the storyline. With Riverdale Season 5 coming up, fans expect nothing less than adventures, dangers and intense suspense.

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