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5 Fan Theories about Cobra Kai Season 3 That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Introduction to Cobra Kai Season 3 

Netflix series Cobra Kai is the continuation of all Valey Karate Kid Tournament. The series gets back the rivalry of Cobra Kai Karate Dojo and Daniel LaRusso. While the tournament is back on tracks, all these years LaRusso has been trying to learn without his mentor Mr. Miyagi. The series is about their conflicts and rivalries through Karate.

With the Cobra Kai Season 3 on its way, fans have some theories for the upcoming plot. 

Fan Theories That Will Get You out of Your Chair Right away

Fan theories suggest that with Cobra Kai Season 3 we can look forward to having Dr. Ali Mills Schwarber back as Miguel’s savior. Even though Miguel is the champion and better than a lot of the team, the competition is tough. It is pretty unlikely that he’ll be the first Cobra Kai student for Johnny. And there is still a lot of good in him. And Cobra Kai’s merciless nature has put everyone else in shock. 

But fans truly love Miguel. So it will get very awkward if Miguel is off the show. So if he is not dying anytime soon, the question arises how much change in his life are we looking for?

The most known scenario would be that Johnny finally agrees with Ali and let her come to LA for Miguel. But then why would she agree to it in the first place? Johnny was just her school boyfriend. And they haven’t been in touch for the past 35 years. And Miguel isn’t even her patient. 

Coming to Daniel LaRusso, he is happily married. And now that he is resuming his highschool rivalry, this might put a strain on his marriage with Amanda. So if Ali returns, there are chances that Johnny and Daniel might fight again. Besides, if Daniel ever sees Kumiko also, it might blow up his already rocky marriage.

And above all, even if Ali saves Miguel, his life will change forever. He will learn that Robby was the one who pushed him in the first place, and it will break his heart. 


The series Cobra Kai Season 2 ended on a very shaky note. Fans have loved the character of Migue, and his life is in danger. And even if he is saved, there is still a lot of pain, shock, and trauma for him to deal with. 

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