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3 Fan Theories about The Last Kingdom Season 5 that Will Blow Your Mind Away

Introduction to The Last Kingdom Season 5 

Netflix series The Last Kingdom is a historical drama based on the novel The Saxon Stories. In the story, the land of the Uhtred gets attacked by the Vikings. While Uhtred’s uncle conspired to kill him to take away his throne after his father’s brutal death. Vikings buy him and raise him as one of their own. 

As of now, there are four seasons available on Netflix. And The Last Kingdom Season 5 has already received a nod. Fans are wondering what will happen in the upcoming series. Here are some great fan theories.

Fan Theories That Will Get You out of Your Chair Right away

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By the end of The Last Kingdom Season 4, we see that Uhtred of Bebbanburg has chosen to change his destiny. Some fans believe that this will put a major dent in his relationships. They say that changing his destiny might make Will Sihtric and Finan leave him for good. Besides, they are never really rewarded for everything they have done. Their sacrifice and loyalty pretty much went in vain. Some fans also think Sihtric and Finan are kind of the outsiders and the misfits. The authorities gave them enough to stick around and be loyal to them.

Another fan theory suggests that Uhtred is very honest with his job, but he at times doubts his plans. And maybe that’s why he needs people around him to validate his plans. They also argue that even though Finan is loyal, he is smart too. He hides a lot of things. But both Uhtred and Finan see the good in each other. 

Fans strongly agree on the fact that Finan and Sihtric’s loyalty and desires cannot be measured with worldly things like land and silver or gold. They have a brotherhood and would die for each other. 


With just four seasons so far, The Last Kingdom as earned itself a loyal audience. While season 5 is pretty much in the air, fans have their own opinions and theories for the plot. 

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