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The Last Word Season 1 Binge It or Skip It?


On 17 September 2020, The Last Word premiered on Netflix. It is a German comedy-drama television web series. Season one of The Last Word has six episodes. Aron Lehmann and Carlos V. Irmscher create the show. It revolves around a woman’s life, Karla, and after 25 years of her marriage, she lost her husband. It was sudden and affected her very severely. But Karla is a strong woman, and this series is about her standing back on her feet. 

The storyline of The Last Word Season 1

The story begins in a somber tone, as Karla is seen devastated after her husband’s demise. They were together for the last 25 years and have successfully supported themselves throughout the journey. But the sudden demise of her husband has broken Karla into pieces. However, she is a powerful woman and wants to be a professional eulogist to support herself. She goes on to live her life on her terms and discovers a new version of herself. She even breaks traditional funeral customs and sabotages her husband’s funeral. It makes the undertaker Andreas furious. 

Binge It or Skip It

The Last Word is a very new concept with a storyline. This show’s main protagonist, Karla, is a powerful woman, but she breaks down when her love husband dies. She even breaks norms to live on her terms, which others don’t like. We will recommend you all to Binge It! This show is a perfect blend of drama with comedy. Netflix doesn’t fail often, and this time also takes us on an exciting journey with Karla. 

The Last Word Season 1 cast

Renewal Status 

The first season of The Last World was released on 17 September. But there isn’t any official announcement regarding the renewal of this show. Famous German comedy actor Anke Engelke plays Karla’s leading role, and Thorsten Merten plays the role of undertaker Andreas Borowski.

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