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Taylor Swift’s Texas Stalker Gets 30 Months in Prison

Taylor Swift is one of the most loved and adored pop stars out there. She is known for her singing worldwide. Some young girls and boys look up to her. But many do this is negative. Celebrities are prone to be stalked. Many have been reported of being attacked too. In such a situation, it becomes important to stay vigilant. The Delicate singer also keeps a tab on her followers and stalkers.


Taylor has finally gotten justice. The man who was dissing her record label is now behind bars. The man belongs to Texas, and he pleaded guilty to all the charges levied on him by the prosecutors.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

The man named Eric Swarbrick was sentenced on Wednesday in Nashville. The man will be spending thirty months in prison. He was accused of sending around 40 letters and emails to the pop star. He dissed her former record label.

What’s Taylor Swift up to these Days

Swift has been keeping herself busy with a lot of embroidering and sewing these days. This little fact was evident when she sent Katy Perry‘s daughter a handmade gift. Swift gifted a pink silk blanket to the newborn. Katy Perry‘s daughter goes by the name of Daisy. So, Swift wrote Baby Blossom on the blanket with thread too. Perry posted a picture of this very gift on her Instagram handle. This gesture of Taylor’s is lovely, and we all appreciate it also.

An unknown man was targeting Taylor. She was being showered with threat messages. This is indeed a matter of concern. The fact that she sorted everything out legally is a huge breath of relief. The criminal got what he deserved. Let us hope the songstress does not get targeted like this again in the future.

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