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Taylor Swift in Shining Sequin Turtleneck with Tailored Pant Rocks-on Red-Carpet


There has been long shut down after the coronavirus pandemic has broken all across the world. All the social gatherings were canceled, including the award functions. It was very recently that the award functions have also started to take place but with some COVID guidelines. The Academy of Country Music Awards was hosted on Wednesday, and many of the stars got their chance to step out in their red carpet looks. The venue for the function is none other than Nashville, Tennessee.

Kelsea Ballerin

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So far, country music is concerned, Taylor Swift has produced many country songs, and she must appear in the function. She walked into the Grand Ole Opry in a low key fashion. She was wearing a sequin turtle neck full sleeves top with tailored pants. Her top was in deep red and perfectly matched her red lipstick. She was wearing a brown bottom with ankle strap heels that has a silver touch in them. As a whole, she looked gorgeous for the function that night.

What’s Taylor Swift up to These Days

Not only did Taylor looked such amazing, but Kelsea and Maren looked stunning in their red carpet look. Kelsea was wearing a rust-red sequin top with a contrasting maroon mini skirt. However, the top was designed with black shapes, shoulder sash, and a long sash tied by a triangular clip near the waist. Also, she put on her black and rust boots and hoop earrings to complete the look. Maren was wearing a red tropical printed broad neck dress with her perfect cleavage. She added an orange sandal that looked equally poppy.

Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini and Maren Morris dazzle at ACM Awards

All the stars were dressed awesome in their way and own themes. They had a few performances and also had a few recordings played that day. Social distancing was the primary thing that was taken care of.

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