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Dragon’s Dogma Season 1 Binge It or Skip It?


On 17 September 2020, Dragon’s Dogma was released on Netflix. It is an anime dark fantasy series. The show is based on a 2012 video game, Dragon’s Dogma, by Capcom. Dragon’s Dogma is directed by Shinya Sugai and written by Kurasumi Sunayama. The main storyline is expected to be the same as the original game. We hope the series turns out to be as good as the game. 

The storyline of Dragon’s Dogma Season 1

The main storyline of Dragon‘s Dogma begins when Ethan’s home being destroyed by a dragon. Then Ethan seeks revenge so. He is on a hunt to kill the dragon. Mysterious things happen with Ethan when a pawn guards his life throughout his journey. But he has entered into the unknown with unanticipated dangers. Netflix has used the catchphrase, “When you are on a battle with a monster, you might become one.” 

Binge It or Skip It 

Usually, adapting something with a good fanbase comes with a lot of expectations and questions. And Dragon’s Dogma is a Japanese game released in 2012. It has a considerable fanbase, so it will be tough to put the same ingredients in the series. The technical portion of this series is excellently done.

Dragon's Dogma release date

Years ago, when the game was released, it was criticized for its bad graphics and less exciting storyline. But the makers have been careful this time about these things. We will recommend you all to Skip it! The show doesn’t have a very strong storyline, and it merely wastes your time. If you have extra time and loved playing the game, then you may watch it. 

Renewal Status 

There isn’t any news regarding the renewal of Dragon’s Dogma. The first season of this show has seven episodes. And Greg Chun will be the voice of Arisen, and Erica Mendez plays Hannah. Yūichi Nakamura and Nana Mizuki will voice the Japanese version.  

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