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Hailey Bieber’s Acne Removal Hacks Worked Wonders for Justin Bieber

Hailey Bieber is a correct cut-out wife material. She indeed tries to stay with her beau through his thick and thin. Recently, the model sat down on an interview on TikTok and opened up about Justin’s acne problems. Let’s face it; we all have been through this problem at some point in our lives. But most of the time we didn’t know what to do. But it is great that Justin has his wife by his side.


Justin has been dealing with the onset of adult acne. All his teenage years, the Baby singer not got a hint of acne. But now he is indeed dealing with acne. This can also be the symptom of his lupus disease. Nevertheless, he has gotten all the much-needed support and cures hacks he needs to get over this very condition.

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The supermodel went on to say that her husband has been dealing with acne issues for quite some time now. But she helped him get over it during the lockdown period. Hailey said that Bieber was on medication for his acne problem. The medication that he was taking had a drying effect on his skin. So, to counter this very condition. Hailey figured an oil-free cream for him to counter the dryness. This worked just fine for him.

What’s Hailey Bieber up to these Days

Hailey Baldwin Bieber and Justin Bieber recently celebrated their second anniversary. The couple got married in a private wedding ceremony in New York. They celebrated this happy day of theirs with a little picnic and singing.

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It is perfect for the Sorry singer that he got a cure for his acne issues. Acne can be troublesome. It is wonderful that Hailey used her knowledge about beauty and skincare and helped her husband.

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