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5 Fan Theories on Money Heist Season 5 That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Introduction of Money Heist Season 5

Netflix Money Heist is no doubt a top-notch series among all the other series. With the huge fanbase and quenched popularity, it rules everyone’s heart. Money Heist is a Spanish show streaming on a Spanish Channel, Antenna 3. Although in the Spanish language it is said as La Casa De Papel (which means house of papers).

Álex Pina creates the show. In the 1st two seasons, the gang of robbers is successfully heisting the Royal Mint of Spain. Followed by the 2nd heist in The Bank of Spain in the next seasons. The finale season end with the cliffhanger of Alicia pointing a gun on the Professor.

Fan Theories That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right away

Alicia Sierra as Tatiana: Fans says that Alicia is Tatiana (who is the girlfriend of Berlin). As Alicia says his husband died, and Berlin also died. So this may connect somehow to the theory. But, there are some opposing theory. That says if Alicia is Tatiana then how she is pregnant now, as Berlin died 2 years ago.

Berlin will make a comeback: Some theory says Berlin would make a comeback in the 5th season.

Alicia, as the sister of Professor: Yes, according to some theory, it is said that Alicia is the sister of Professor.

Alicia will join the team: Well, many facts can make her join the group. As she is the alone mother and the police department ditched her with defaming her. So, it is quite possible that she could be the next member.

Tokyo Will Be the only one to survive at last: As Tokyo is narrating the whole story, so some theory says that, she will be the only one to survive at last as the number of the core group members is decreasing in every season.

Alicia, as the sister of Professor

Synopsis of Money Heist Season 5

Although all the seasons are immensely better, season 5 is considered to be the father of all as it is the most-awaited season, due to the cliffhanger left in season 4. Now season 5 will answer how the robbers will escape along with the Professor. Who all will survive at last. So, to witness these things will be great enthusiasm, with the temperments of a lot more suspense and thrill.

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