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10 Facts we Bet No One Knows about The Crown Season 5

Introduction to The Crown Season 5

Netflix series The Crown revolves around the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The series shows the life of a young girl who had to take the throne after the King’s death. She not only had to manage a kingdom but also take on the responsibilities of her new marriage. 

There are very few series that have dived into the royal family history. The Crown is one of them and has become a success too. 

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away 

  1. The maker of the series Peter Morgan came up with the idea of The Crown while he was working on a movie about Queen Elizabeth II. It struck to him that her life could be put in a series. 
  2. For the set of the series, the team had no access to the Buckingham Palace. The team researched whatever they could on the internet to recreate the same.
  3. Even before the shoot started, Peter knew that he would have to let go of his major actor every two years. He wanted the show to be as realistic as possible. 
  4. Margaret and Anthony Armstrong were supposed to have a sex scene in the series. But the producers couldn’t get to show royal nudity. So the scene was cut from the script.
  5. Olivia Colman had a voice coach and a movement coach to help her with Queen’s accent and postures. 
  6. Helena Bonham, who played the role of Princess Margaret, met a lot of people who knew the late princess to help calm down her anxiety. 
  7. Bonham even went to a psychic to talk to Princess Margaret from great beyond. In an interview, she revealed that Princess Margaret told her that she was better than any other actress. But she needed to make smoking look like a feeling than just an act.
  8. Peter Morgan revealed that The Crown would end at Season 5. But later went back to the original plan of ending the show at Season 6. 
  9. Matt Smith loved the conflicts in his character Prince Philip’s heart. While Prince Philip wanted to be the head of the house, but he was the husband of the Queen of England.
  10. The Crown was supposed to be three seasons series.


The Crown has received major recognition and awards around the world. But the production had its challenges to maintain reality.

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