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10 Facts we Bet No One Knows about Money Heist Season 5

Introduction to Money Heist 

The Netflix series Money Heist has taken over its audience ever since the first season aired. It is about two highly planned robberies from the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. Both are led by a Professor and a team of the finest criminals. 

Facts that Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right away

  1. Money Heist not only won hearts. But also broke records. Money Heist is on the top of Non-English series ever on Netflix. Within a month of its release, it had over 44 million views. 
  2. When a show becomes a huge success, it is assumed that the writers would have been working on the script for months or longer. But Money Heist writers write the script while they are filming, which helps them adapt to the show quickly. 
  3. La Casa De Papel wasn’t the original name for the series. Initially, the series was called Los Desahuciados which means “The Evicted”.
  4. Money Heist was actually about to be cancelled. When the series was released on Spanish TV, it didn’t receive much recognition, and the production almost decided to take it off. But Netflix came to the rescue.
  5. Denver and his laugh are pretty famous amongst the audience. Well, his laughter was already a part of the script even before Jamie Lorente got the role. 
  6. The role of Nairobi was a last-minute addition. During the process, writers realised that it wouldn’t be nice only to have Tokyo as a female character in the gang. Alba Flores then wrote a role just for Nairobi. 
  7. The Gold vault that we see in the Season 3 which the gang had to scuba dive for, actually exists. There is a gold vault in the Bank of Spain with that kind of security measures as a part. 
  8. Well, Money Heist has become real too. Some Turkish robbers in Istanbul got inspired by the series to steal. 
  9. Bella Ciao is an Italian song dated back to the 19th century. It translates to “Goodbye, Beautiful”. 
  10. The iconic shower scene in Season 3 was the hardest shot. In the middle of the scene, it started raining. And the set and the fake money got wet. 


Money Heist is one of the most loved shows on Netflix. And as it turns out, it wasn’t a bed of roses for the production team. But all the hard work turned out pretty well. 

Himanshi Gupta
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