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10 Facts we Bet No One Knows about Fargo Season 5

Introduction to Fargo

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Netflix Fargo has based in 1987, Minnesota. It revolves around a car sales money which is heavily in debt. To come out, he hires two people to kidnap his wife so he could make money from his father in law. And it goes all right until the plan comes crashing down. 

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right away 

  1. To fit into the role perfectly, Ewan McGregor gained pounds and lose some for Emmit Stussy. 
  2. Fargo series shoot doesn’t happen in Fargo town. The shoot is majorly done in Calgary, Canada. 
  3. Noah Hawley is a huge fan of the Coen brothers, and the show is heavily inspired by them too. But neither the movie nor the series happened in real life.
  4. It’s not the production that takes time to start; it’s the weather. The Fargo is shot only during the winters to add to the real essence of the show. 
  5. The current version of Fargo on Netflix is not the first time. Back in 2003 as well, it was put on the air as TV series but didn’t run for long. 
  6. Hawley wanted the actors to be from Minnesota. So he hired a voice coach on set who would teach actors the Minnesota accent throughout the production. 
  7. Even though there was a lot of real snow around, but at some points, the team had to use the fake snow. It would make it hard for the actors to walk without slipping, and some even got bronchial irritation. 
  8. Billy Bob’s hair in the series became a hit. But it wasn’t planned. It’s just he got a bad haircut in real life, and the bangs from it became a part of his character. 
  9. Lester’s house in the series is not a stage set but a real home. A family did live there until the series rented the house. 
  10. Alison and Colin’s chemistry in the series was a surprise for everyone, even them. They both had never met before, and all the chemistry happened only during the shoot. 

Synopsis of Fargo

The series Fargo claims to be a true story. But that’s just mocking the audience. Even though the series is a big hit, it’s not real. 

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