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10 Facts we Bet No One Knows about Alvaro Morte aka The Professor from Money Heist

Introduction to Alvaro Morte aka The Professor

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Alvaro Morte a.k.a Professor from the Money Heist has a different audience all for himself. He is known for many of the roles apart from Money Heist like Mirage and Wings. As the cult audience for Money Heist grew and continues to grow, so did the love for Professor. 

Well, here are some facts that you didn’t know about Professor. 

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

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  1. Out of the all characters in the series Money Heist, Professor played by Alvaro Morte is the most loved one. 
  2. Throughout the series, the Professor has always outdone himself. Even at the times when the plan went off the track, Professor managed to get it all back. 
  3. He was famous in the Spanish cinema with other roles. But his role in Money Heist got him significant fame. He is now known all around the world. 
  4. Even though Morte was born in Spain and has lived his own life there, he is fluent with the English language too. 
  5. This one might break your heart. Alvaro Morte is married. His wife’s name is Blanca Clemente and has two children.
  6. Alvaro Morte is not only an actor but also runs a theatre. He owns a theatre named 300 Pistolas with his wife, Blanca Clemente. 
  7. The Professor is pretty much harmless in the series. But in real life, he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Luckily, the tumor was in his leg and treatable.
  8. Alvaro didn’t get the part that easy. He had to audition 5 times over two months. In an interview, he said that the team wanted someone as good as George Clooney. 
  9. When Alvaro was studying, he got a scholarship for the University of Tampere. At first, he was a student and then became a researcher. 
  10. Just like the Professor, his wife Blanca is also multi-talented. She is not just stylish but also an actress and a producer. 


Alvaro Morte grew to global fame after the Netflix series Money Heist became super successful. And ever since fans have loved no one more than the Professor. Well, his life wasn’t as easy as it may look. 

Himanshi Gupta
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