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Tekashi69 Dangerously Roams around NY Shopping for Million-Dollar Estate


Tekashi 6ix9ine has remained off the gram and his socials for the last couple of days. Besides, we might have the reason for his sudden and rare absence on IG. The rapper seems busy out and about New York in search of a multi-million dollar estate. Tekashi set off the other day shopping…not for clothes but a whole new estate. Not only that, but he paraded on the streets of NYC without caring about the gang members out for his life.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

According to a post shared on Facebook, 6ix9ine was spotted shopping for a huge upstate New York estate. Nevertheless, he didn’t care about the several gang members on the lookout for him. The Gooba rapper strolled causally and dangerously in the Big Apple. He stood in front of an estate on the market in New York. Moreover, he looked around the massive mansion on sale for under $3 million. But people under the comments of the Facebook post didn’t have much good to say. 

Several people expressed their concerns about possible violence in the area. All thanks to Tekashi’s issues with gang members. A resident living in a nearby area wondered how the people (living there) would like the people 69’s involved with.

It’s safe to say that people won’t be comfortable with this after 6ix9ine’s infamous snitching and gang problems. Meanwhile, the particular estate boasts of two kitchens, an elevator, a floating double bridal staircase. The 13,564 square feet space includes 15 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms as well as a two-story library.

What’s Tekashi 6ix9ine up to These Days

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s first album after his release from prison dropped on September 4. The new album TattleTales dropped and featured a cameo from Blac Chyna in his single Tutu. However, the album didn’t go as good as he expected and instead plummeted. Music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify didn’t feature his albums in any of their playlists. In a recent sit-down interview, he admitted that he violently attacked and hit his baby mama Sara. 69 blacked out and went into a rage while hitting her after discovering she cheated on him with another gang member.

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My mom still thinks im a winner

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Furthermore, 6ix9ine keeps playing a dangerous game with the Nine Trey Blood gang. However, heavily-armed security didn’t fail to tag along with the rapper. We can’t wait to see if Tekashi will go public with the location of his new estate or not. 

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