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So Much Love to Give Binge It or Skip It?


On September 9, 2020, Netflix released a foreign language original movie, So Much Love to Give. The movie is directed by Marcos Carnevale, written by Adrián Suar and Marcos Carnival. This film follows the story of a man who thinks his heart is too big for loving one wife. So, Fernando Fero leads a double life with two families in two different cities. It looks like a fun journey with Fernando pulling crazy things to maintain his time with both the families. 

The storyline of So Much Love to Give 

The story revolves around Fernando Fero, an orthopaedic in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. He is married for the last 19 years and has two children. And for work, he travels to Buenos Aires from Friday to Sunday. But the real reason for his travel to Buenos Aires is because he has another wife there with whom he is married for nine years. Fero also has another boy with her. He considers himself born with a big heart, so he doesn’t want to live with only one family.

But most importantly, both the families don’t know about the existence of each other. The real comedy begins when one of the wives gets to know about his other wife. Then both the wives plan to take revenge on their husband. 

So Much Love to Give cast

Binge It or Skip It

The movie is not that bad, to be honest. But the second half seems to be a waste of time. The lies which Fernando says to save himself becomes more exhausting as the film progresses. Though coming to the latter part, it picks up the pace with two wives plotting to take revenge. We will recommend to – Skip It!! Like if you have ample time, you might see this movie. But there is nothing special about it worth creating a buzz. 

Renewal Status

So Much Love to Give released on Netflix on September 9, 2020. It has a duration of around 108 minutes. Adrián Suar plays the lead role of Fernando Fero. And other essential members are Soledad Villamil, Gabriela Toscano, Darío Barassi, Betiana Blum, Alan Sabbagh and Magela Zanotta.

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