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Savvy Fan Theories About The Crown Season 4 That Will Blow Your Mind

Introduction of The Crown Season 4

The Crown is the story of the royal family of England. The story starts from the past and has been advancing in time, showing people inside royal life. The Crown has attracted many people to watch the show. Everyone is very eager to peek into the royal family and know their lifestyles. A royal family does have a lot of drama and politics, and facts prevailing for a long. At the end of season 3, the time had rolled up to 1977 when the princess of Wales had come to the spotlight.

Fan Theories That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

The first thing that we will have in season 4 is an introduction to the Princess of Wales, Princess Diana, who will be the future wife of Prince Charles. The role of Princess Diana is set to feature Emma Corrin. This is because she not only resembles the princess but also she is equally good at her talent. We are going to witness at least 2 royal weddings this Season. One will be that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the other is that of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

The show will also feature Charles and Diana’s trip to Australia in 1983. This trip is going to serve as a pivot for the plot of the Season. As with each Season, the production is supposed to skip in time. Thus we will move 10 years’ advancement. We will be able to witness a new generation of the royal family in the show. We will see the queen become a grandmother to princess Anne’s kids Peter and Zara. Prince William and Harry will also be introduced in this Season.

The Crown Season 4 cast

Synopsis Of The Crown Season 4

The Crown Season 4 will end the story of another generation and advance towards the royal family’s modernization. The last two seasons would follow and try to reach the present time of the Royal family.

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