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Kanye West’s Public Apologies to Fellow Rappers Slays Twitterati 

Kanye West is on a sojourn to clear his differences with his fellow rappers. The celebrated rapper formerly was involved in dissing may on them. He even dissed some of them on stage. But West now realizes his mistake and feels as if he owes a public apology to everyone.


Kanye took to Twitter to say that he was sorry about his behavior towards Drake and J. Cole. Then again, he urged his former best friend, whom he also addressed as his brother, Jay-Z, to organize a meeting with him. Although, it looks like West is eager to sort things out between his fellow rappers.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

West, in the past, had indulged in mocking Jay-Z on stage. He took his disses to another level when he started saying things about Z’s wife, Beyonce, and his kids. This enraged the rapper. Since then, Jay and West have not been on talking terms. Jay-Z had once said in an interview that he has indeed sorted things out with Kanye, but the fact that he brought his family into things was unacceptable.

Moreover, he even said that Kanye also knows that he crossed a line, and thus, there is no going back. The latest request for a meeting from the West must be to sort these differences between them.

What’s Kanye West up to these Days

Kanye West recently accused the NBA of being a slave ship. This was not taken nicely by the players. Fans of the basketball league are lashing out on this interesting statement given by West.

However, none of the three rappers have replied to these very pleased of forgiveness by West. Well, look like we may soon get a word from this. Till then, let us brace ourselves and see what turns out.

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