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Jordyn Woods Flaunting Her Backside-Shape Resembling as Letter P


Jordyn Woods, who is now the ex-best friend of the famous Kylie Jenner. The model has now posted a picture from her new photoshoot in which her curves are perfectly making the shape of the letter ‘p.’ The model has been in the famous show of the Kardashians, but after being ditched by them, she has taken her stand. She is now rich and also famous. Ahe is growing day by day, and her new photoshoot is making the headlines today.

Detailed Info about the Breaking News

The model had a photoshoot wearing a woven woolen dress without any undies. She had a very meaningful photo shoot that is named as P for Period. And had posed with her eyes closed and hips pushed backward while she was trying to direct her chin towards the sky. The pose of her hands and the cut design of her dress in black forms the letter P. The photo had got the letters “ERIOD” arranged behind her back that completes word period. The model has captioned the photo by asking people if they want more of the photoshoot.

What’s Jordyn Woods up to these days

The model was appearing again in the famous show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, back in 2015. There was a special series, Short-Lived Kylie, in which she appeared as a major role. After the Kardashians cheated on her, she revealed that she kissed Kim’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

She left the family and then started her career fresh. The model gained a lot of popularity after that and became the CEO of SECNDURTURE. She is also the founder of the same company. Once you get separated from someone, you try to bring out faults in them.

Jordyn had once stated that what does Kylie except on clicking pictures for Instagram. She works for the whole day but does it mean that she would post her photos at work. This was a bit rude. The photoshoot of the model now is a trending one and if you have missed it, then watch it here.

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