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Izzy’s Koala World Binge It or Skip It?


On September 15, 2020, a kids- family television show, Izzy’s Koala World, premiered on Netflix. It has eight episodes. The show is an educational and fun learning series for the kids. Netflix doesn’t have a lot of kids content, but this one will melt your hearts. It showcases a beautiful bond between a girl and her Koala. This unorthodox friendship is the centerpiece of the series. Its a fun ride for kids to know more about the most cuddly animal of this planet. 

The storyline of  Izzy’s Koala world 

The story revolves around Izzy and her family. They live on Magnetic Island, which is on the east coast of Australia. There live hundreds of koalas happily together. Koalas are animals who rely on the eucalyptus tree for shelter and food. They can sleep upto 20-22 hours a day.

And whenever the koalas need help, the little girl and her family always offer them safety. They have an animal sanctuary to nurture the koalas and keep them safe. Chompy, Juliet, Twinkle, StormBoy, and Leia are the koalas’ names living with them. Izzy has spent so much time with them that she could now understand their emotions. They are like siblings to her. 

Izzy's Koala world release date

Binge It or Skip It

This series is a very overwhelming experience. It showcases a bond that is created by nature between a human and an animal. The protagonist, Izzy’s love for her kolas are very authentically shown and well captured. Netflix deserves brownie points for such a cute show. We will recomend you all to – Binge it! You won’t be disappointed after living the experience with the Bee family. 

Renewal Status 

Netflix hasn’t confirmed any official announcement regarding the renewal. But we won’t mind seeing Izzy and her cute buddies again. We want Netflix to bring more series like this along with other wonderful shows. 

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