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Family Business Season 2 Binge It or Skip It?


On June 28, 2019, Family Business released on Netflix. And this series will return for another season. Igor Gotesmann creates this show, And the intro of this series is based on a family drama. The story revolves around Joseph and his family. And their involvement with the newly legalized Marijuana business. Many people love family Business for its comical touch. And the second season has released on Netflix on September 11, 2020.

The storyline of Family Business Season 2

The main storyline includes both the elements of family drama and crime with a touch of comedy. Through a mixture of crime with family, the drama is odd, but this show doesn’t fail us. The story builds on a dysfunctional family. When their family business goes down, Joseph thinks about a new business of the newly legalized Marijuana. And turns their kosher butcher shop into a marijuana coffee shop. The idea behind this marijuana business was ‘getting high’. He then one by one includes every member of the family into the curtal. 

Binge It or Skip It

Family Business Season 2 release date

This a very easy going series with a strong cast. Family business comes with the original idea of a weed dispensary. The show provides us with a new blend of family drama with a crime. It showcases a dysfunctional family partially with goofy character. Especially, the character of Joseph will surely crack you up in several scenes. We will recommend you all to – Binge It! Because of its subtle approach to the storyline with a pinch of comedy in it. 

Renewal Status 

The show first came out on June 28, 2019, on Netflix. And this time it returns on September 11, 2020. The enthusiasm of this series among the fans is very high. The entire cast returns for the renewal as it’s a continuation of the previous season. Jonathan Cohen, Gerad Darmon, Julia Piaton, Aure Hazan and Lilian Rovere will play their characters. 

Family Business Season 2 cast

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