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Chance The Rapper and Ralph Lauren Meet-up for Unique Concert

September is typical of the fashion season. Had the pandemic not been there, the streets of New York would have been brimming with fashionistas from far and wide. But the ongoing pandemic has entirely changed the dynamics of the very situation. There isn’t much to expect currently. But even in such cruel time, Ralph Lauren has managed to pull off a sizzling performance in his Chicago store.


Chance The Rapper and Ralph Lauren have been pals for a long time now. The Grammy-winning rapper had donned a custom made tuxedo to his wedding designed by Lauren. To start the fashion season, the designer decided to invite Chance to his Chicago store and bring on a concert. This concert has all the vibes we needed to kickstart the next fashion season.

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Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Chance The Rapper collaborated with Lauren to carry out a digital performance. This performance was filmed on September 14 in Lauren’s flagship store in Chicago. The main aim of this very concert was to launch the designer’s Bitmoji collection. Well, this digital concert did the deed. We think fans out there must have got the hang of this very collection of theirs. This was a prerecorded show.

Chance performed versions of his songs amidst apparel shelves in the show. The songs that he performed include Summer Friends Work Out, and Everything’s Good.

What’s Chance the Rapper up to these Days

Chance has been making headlines because he collaborated with Ralph Lauren. His digital concert has been gaining a lot of appreciation from his fans. Well, he is indeed getting the appreciation he deserves.

This wonderful collaboration of theirs has come out as a real unexpected one. Nobody really that this could happen. But it did, and this very video is streaming on major platforms currently.

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