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Biohackers Binge it or skip it


Biohackers is a Technothriller TV series. The Christian Ditter creation was premiered on Netflix on 20th August 2020. The series became so famous that it was renewed for a second season within a week of its release. The series consists of six episodes and has a running time of 41-47 minutes.

The German series revolves around a medical student from the University of Freiburg named Mia Akerlund. Where she meets two other students and get interested in biohacking technologies. And before they even knew they became a part of the world of Illegal genetic experiments.

Story Line of Biohackers

Biohackers storyline

The movie revolves around the Medical student from the University of Freiburg, Mia Akerlund. Mia meets Jasper, a very talented biology student, and Niklas Jasper’s roommate. Mia is very fascinated and interested in the new science called biohacking. But without them even knowing, they get involved in the world of illegal experiments. Mia’s secondary goal in the underworld and dark side of science is to avenge her dead brother.

Mia keeps investigating her brother’s death. In the meantime, she discovers a breakthrough in the experiment. This falls into the wrong hands, and now Mia is on the crossroads about whether to protect her friends or be an avenger for her brother’s death. In the final episode of Biohackers, we have seen that Mia is being kidnapped and taken to a van. Where she meets Lorenz, who she believed to be already being seized.

Binge it or skip it?

Biohackers is one of the most famous shows on Netflix at the moment. Even if you had not watched the show yet, you must have heard about it or had a friend recommend it to you. This is a 100% Binge its series. With all the intricacies of the world of science, a little pinch of drama, and a whole lot of excitement.

Renewal status

Biohackers cast

Biohackers has been renewed for a second season. But the release date has not been released yet. But as per our assumptions, the series may be out in late 2021. Due to the pandemic situation, the show is being delayed at the moment.

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