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#Alive Binge It or Skip It?


#Alive is a South Korean Zombie movie of 2020 directed by Cho Il-Hyung. The movie is based on a 2019 script written by Matt Naylor, which was later co-adapted by Cho for this movie. The movie was initially premiered in South Korea on June 24, 2020.

And the worldwide release by Netflix on September 8 2020. The movie focuses on the life of a gamer who is left alone in his flat. And he also has to fight the zombies as they are trying to break into his flat.

Story Line Of #Alive


Unlike other Zombie stories, #Alive follows a rather interesting story. The movie follows a gamer named Joon-woo, who lives with his parents and sister. Joon-woo spends lifetime live streaming video games. One fine day when Joon -Woo’sWoo’s parents were away, his only game members asked him to look at the news.

And as he does, he realizes that something is wrong. A strange disease is spreading fast, and the government has lost control. The disease is causing the infected to eat each other. After this, Joon-Woo’s real struggle begins. To start with, he has to survive, but luckily, he finds a companion Yoo-bin.

Binge It Or Skip It

The movie starts somewhat OK, but as it progresses with the plot, the movie become intense with the usual humor that a Korean movie provides. The movie’s portrayal of the development of the companionship between Yoo-bin and Joon-woo. Is also something unique that has been tried in this movie.

#Alive release date

The survival instinct of both the characters and their help out even though separated by their apartments. Interestingly enough, the female character is introduced at such a time. When one would start thinking that now there is no hope left, then Joon-woo to die. So, in my opinion, it is a must-watch movie.

Renewal status

Sadly there is no news about any followups about the movie. We will keep you posted about any new updates that will follow.

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