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10 Facts we Bet You Don’t Know about The Good Place Season 5

Introduction to The Good Place

Good Place is a fantasy comedy series created by Michale Schur. The show follows the fantasy plot of a place afterlife. Where people are sorted on a numeric system if they can go the good or the bad place.

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right away

The show remains a very popular series and with its finale season approaching. Here are 10 facts about The Good Place you should know.

1- This is a bit shocker before the big revelation that the characters were actually in the Bad Place. The creators tried their hard to avoid all connection to the devil. They removed everything with the color red on it.

2- The house that Eleanor and Chidi lived in the Good Place and the bad place were the same houses.

3- Many things were put in a group of nine. Which let to the conspiracy that it showed the nine circles of hell.

4- The number 322 that we can see throughout the series. The number was not randomly chosen, but it refers to Yale’s Skull and Bones society.

5- Bad Janet from the series had a very different way of wearing her clothes. But in reality, it was inspired by Sandy’s Post makeover look in Grease.

6- Now, the creators paid very close attention to the details on the show. For example, Chidi’s notes were real and authentic, and they were cross-checked by the onset Philosophy advisors of the show.

7- You need eagle eyes to notice that during Eleanor’s death, there was an advertisement that featured the arch-nemesis Kamila in the background on a Truck.

8- During the store’s sequence, it was Tahani herself that we can see gracing the cover of the magazine.

9- This may be a matter of seconds but even during that time. Many have noticed the contacts in Tahani’s phone. And she sure has contact with super celebrities.

10- Well, next time, have a close look at Chidi’s philosophy class. And you may find written “History of Phil and Sophie.”

The Good Place Season 5 cast


The good place is a critically acclaimed series, both for it’s writing and acting. If you haven’t watched the series yet, then I would highly recommend it to you.

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