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10 Facts we Bet No One Knows about The Crown Season 4

Introduction to The Crown

The Crown is an occasional documentary drama series. It is focused on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The Crown is produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures for Netflix. Peter Morgan wrote the show.

Facts That Will Get You Out f Your Chair Right away

Many things are unknown to the royal family of Great Britain. That curiosity made the series more fascinating. Here are 10 such facts of the series that you wish you had known before.

1- There was a pay disparity on the set. Claire Foy, who played the Crown, was paid less than Matt Smith. It was because of the fame that Matt Smith had from his time in Dr. Who.

2- But the producers reviewed their policy, and in the third season, Olivia Colman get paid more than Tobias Menzies. Like why not the queen gets paid more.

3- There is a very little chance of the show covering the recent day royals—especially Harry and Megan’s story.

4-If you are talking about the historical accuracy of the series. It is then for you that Prince Charles’s investiture was filmed at the exact spot and location where the real-life event took place.

5- If the show is given a green signal to cover the modern-day royals. Then the show’s producers have made it clear that they would welcome Meghan Markel to play herself if she wants to.

6- This is for all the Paul Bettany fans. He was almost the picked for the role of Duke of Edinburgh.

7- The show is way more expensive than it may look. The series spent way more cash in upgrading the Buckingham Palace.

8- There were rumors that Princess Diana’s past would be shown in season 3. Which was nothing but a rumor?

9- The show has already bagged 25 major awards only in the first two seasons. Well, some records will be broken.

10- The royals were also involved with the show in some way. Matt Smith met Prince William for advice on playing Prince Philip.


The Crown Season 4 cast

The show is filled with riches of both gold and historical events. The show, no wonder, has a vast array of loyal fans under it. As the show progresses, it also includes aspects of the royal life hidden so far from the public.

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