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10 Facts we Bet No One Knows about Seven Deadly Sins

Introduction to Seven Deadly sins

The seven deadly sins need no introduction. The anime was and is one of the most discussed topics in the anime watcher’s community. From it’s degrading animation to its amazing action sequence to the storyline. This anime got it all.

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right away

Meliodas, as we know, is the Captain of the seven deadly sins. Meliodas is a very strange creature being lived for 3000 years. Here are some facts about Meliodas that you may not know.

1- This one is the well-known fact, and that is his sin is known as the Dragon sin of Wrath. Probably because of his anger issue, which is, I guess, a little bit of contrary. As it is very rare that the Captain gets angry.

2- He is the son of the demon king. Yes, the hero fighting for the good side surely has a dark history.

3- Not only the son of the demon king, but he was also the most powerful commandment. And was also the head of the ten commandments, before leaving them for the brighter side.

4- He was cursed by his father and Elizabeth’s mother or the goddess of eternal life and would lose age.

5- The saddest and darkest part of the Captain’s life is that he has watched his lover Elizabeth die for more than 106 years. It is a cycle that he is bound to repeat for eternity.

6- He is the Tavern owner named Boar Hat and even sold his sacred sword Lostvayne. The Tavern is situated on top of a huge mama Boar.

7- Meliodas may be the most powerful sin, but he is not good at cooking.

8- Meliodas has said it many times now that Ban is his best friend and can’t win the fight without Ban helping him out.

9- Concerning the kind of power he has, Meliodas is quite a calm person.

10- Meliodas cheated with his kind that is the demonkind to end the holy war 3000 years ago.


Seven deadly sins season 4 release date

Seven deadly sins may not be one of the best animations out there. But the story has no match, which is why the manga is more famous than the anime. With only a few seasons in hand, the final fight is going to be epic.

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