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Kelly Clarkson Admits Feeling Like a Dumpster Ever Since Divorce with Brandon Blackstock


Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce earlier this year with husband Brandon Blackstock. Reports suggest that the quarantine period made the divorce inevitable. And it was long coming. However, she recently opened up about her life after the split. All we can say is that it probably isn’t what she thought it’d be. 

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Singer Kelly Clarkson recently gave an interview where she talked about the end of her 7-year-old marriage. On the outside, they looked like a power couple. Before the divorce, a few articles were also a perfect and blissful married life of Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock. However, Clarkson filed for divorce in June this year, and the fans were shocked. 

During the interview, she said that her life now feels like a “dumpster.” The last few months, especially after the divorce, have been pretty hard for her. She admitted that she has been seeking help from her friends who have been divorced before. Given the timing and the different emotions, it’s tough to go through it alone, said Clarkson. 

Clarkson and Blackstock share two children, River (daughter) and Remington (son). She is also the stepmother for Blackstock’s two children from his marriage before. 

What’s up with Kelly Clarkson These Days 

Kelly Clarkson was recently in the news after opening up about sending her 4-year-old son Remington to school amidst the pandemic. She said that the dynamics have very evidently changed. 

Clarkson is also currently working on a new album. She said that the new album would be all about her emotions. The upcoming album will be about every mixed emotion she has felt from the start to the end of her relationship. And some of the songs would even be about how she felt after the split. 

Well, Clarkson’s new album is going to be an emotional ride. 

Kelly Clarkson recently filed for divorce after being married for 7 years. However, the situation after the divorce has left her feeling different than she thought. The singer is dealing with everything in her way. At the same time, she is also devoted to making an album.  

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