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Irina Shayk Dropped Of Smoky-Hot Bedroom Selfie in Lace Lingerie Set


The supermodel Irina Shayk has dropped a laced bikini picture on Instagram that has been driving her fans crazy. The model is 34 now and also have a daughter who is 3 years old. She had been in a relationship with the actor-director Bradly Cooper back in 2017. Irina Shayk’s latest bikini post is directly from her bedroom. She posed in front of the mirror where her bed was visible from the mirror. The model has presently got 13.9 Instagram followers, where she dropped this bombshell picture.

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The model was wearing a black and white laced bikini. She looked at the camera while posing in front of the mirror. She held the phone in one hand, whereas her other hand was playfully placed on her high bun. In the Instagram post, we could see her toned abs and thighs ideal for anyone to get inspired. She also put on a slight of the makeup so that the picture looks flawless and perfect. The model is looking perfect in the picture with her laced bra and a matching laced pantie.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper Relationship History

She was not blocking her bedroom view, and hence, it was visible to the viewers. The bedroom consists of a bed with a white bedsheet with a black and white bedsheet. The floor seems to be wooden flooring on which a big white carpet was spread wide. There was a plant in the bedroom and, of course, the mirror. It’s not so many years that Bradley and Irina got separated. They have busy work schedules and divorce feelings, but they have never let it hamper their daughter. They are co-parenting their daughter very well.

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The supermodel has been a sincere one to amaze people with her stunning photos from time to time. This time it was not any studio but her comfort zone of the bedroom, where she clicked and posted the photo.

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