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7 Things You Missed in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, These will Surely Blow Your Mind

Introduction of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine first time aired on September 18, 2013, on Fox. It is an American police procedural television series. And for the last several years, they have earned the title for being one of the best comedy show ever. This show takes place in the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn. 

10 Things You Didn’t Notice and Made A Big Difference 

It’s always fun to know more about your favorite television series. But it’s even more exciting when small things happen with a more significant impact, but it goes unnoticed. We are bringing a list of these unnoticed things which will make you think. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine release date

1. Nine-Nine chant – An episode without the famous Nine-Nine chant sounds empty. Though this chant wasn’t scripted, it was used by Terry Crews behind the scenes to pump up the cast. Later the writers added it to the script this, and rest is history!!

2. The real-life photo – The chemistry between Amy and Jake is loved across the globe. But did you know? The cute picture which Jake has on his table is a real-life selfie of them. The photo is taken from Melissa’s social media. Whoof! The makers have linked reel and real. 

3. Gina – Jake’s friendship – As shown in the series, Jake and Gina are childhood friends. Actors Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti have known each other for decades as they went to school together. 

4. Artist Terry Crews – Officer Terry Jeffords is seen several times over the years, drawing some beautiful pictures. And even in real life actor, Terry Crews is an outstanding artist and used to work as an artist before joining the industry. 

5. Real husband cameo – Melissa Gallo Aka Amy’s real-life husband featured in one of the episodes. David Fumero appeared as an attractive crossword puzzle master.

6. Pregnant Melissa – Melissa Gallo was nine months pregnant during the shoot of a season. So, the makers skillfully placed the story that Amy disguises herself as a pregnant woman. And goes to a women prison as an undercover agent.

7. Charles’s food dehydrator – In the last few seasons, Charles goes through several breakups. And the only thing which stays common is every time his partner hands him back the food dehydrator he has given them.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast

Synopsis of the Show 

Dan Gur and Michael Schur create Brooklyn nine-nine. This show follows the lives of police officers in NYPD. It goes around the different cases they handle day today.

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