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7 Hidden Messages Everyone Missed Out in Castlevania

Introduction of Castlevania

On July 7, 2017, Castlevania premiered on Netflix. It is an adult animated television web series. The series is based on a Japanese game by Konami. This show revolves around supernatural beings like Dracula. And a man has been trusted with the security of all lives to fight against them. 

10 Things You Didn’t Notice and Made a Big Difference 

The hit Netflix series, Castlevania, is adapted from a Japanese game. We tried to find similarities between them and got a few of them.

1. The city of Braila – In Romania, there is a real city named Braila. And this place features as the destination for transportation to the Dracula’s castle. 

2. Pre Bram Stoker connection – The character Carmilla is pretty cool and new in this franchise. She was part of Simon’s Quest, Rondo Of Blood/Dracula X, Circle Of The Moon, and Castlevania: Judgement. 

3. Hector and Issac – In the Castlevania series, Hector and Issac are two Count forge masters. And they were also seen in the game. This series gives us a backstory about both of them. At the end of season two, Hector is captured and enslaved by Camilla. 

4. Gabon and Slogra – The demon bosses, Gabon and Gaibon are seen in several games and notably in Symphony of The Night. In the series, they are first seen fighting Alucard.

5. Bloody Tears – We can hear the Bloody Tears in two episodes, initially created for Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest. 

6. Symphony of The Night Beastiary – We can see a bookshelf filled with bones, skulls, artifacts, and weapons in the show. It is basically from Symphony Of The Night.

7. Chicken in the wall – In the game, you can boost your health by consuming chicken: Mutton, and roast beef. To pay homage to the game, the animators of the show have put a chicken porking from the wall at the end of the second two. 

Castlevania cast

Synopsis of the Show 

Warren Ellis creates Castlevania. The story follows a revenge drama when the wife of a count Dracula is killed. He plans to kill every person responsible for it. And raises an army, but a monster hunter is entrusted with the lives of the other humans.

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