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7 Hidden Message Everyone Missed Out in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Introduction of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch 

On December 4, 2011, Black Mirror season one premiered on Channel 4. It is a British dystopian sci-fi anthology television series. The show is basically about the dark side of technological advancements and their unanticipated consequences.Moreover, in 2018, a standalone movie under the Black Mirror banner was released, Bandersnatch. The movie has an extremely interactive nature, making the audience feel that they are part of it. 

10 Things You Didn’t Notice and Made a Big Difference 

The Black mirror serves us with a new story every time it returns, but there were several easter eggs in their standalone. Although, let’s check some of these things which went unnoticed.

1. “The National Anthem” reference – The first reference is from the first episode of this show. PM Callow was forced to have s*x with a pig, which ruins his personal life, but he emerges as a public hero. There’s a scene in which the newsflash shows “Former PM Michael Callow Wins Celebrity Bake Off.” This proves that the PM has returned to his seat.

2. “San Janipero” reference – The second reference is from season three, episode fourth. In the movie, Stefan visits Dr. Haynes regularly for therapy sessions.

3. “Be Right Back” reference – The third reference is from season two, episode one. The movie features an advertisement of a love machine with being right back tech. This sounds similar to the episode in which a woman keeps her dead husband alive through memories with mysterious technology. 

4. “White Bear” reference – This fourth reference is from season two, episode three. In the movie, Stefan is haunted by the glyph, which appears throughout the series episode. 

5. “Nosedive” reference – The fifth reference is from season three, episode one. In the movie, we can see a game named Nohzdyve, Which is directly referring to the episode Nosedive. 

6. “The Waldo Moment” reference – The sixth reference ins from season two, episode three. During an interview, headlines come up, “Liam Monroe Enters Buckingham Palace.”

7. “Fifteen Million Merits” reference – The seventh reference is from season one, episode two. When Stefan’s criminal record flashes, it also includes a cutout referring to the Fifteen Million Competition. 

Synopsis of the Show 

David Slate creates the movie. Moreover, it is a very interactive movie with dual endings, and as an audience, you can be part of it.

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