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10 Facts Every Zayn Malik Fan Should Know

Coming from the largest boyband across the globe to a solo artist, Zayn Malik has discovered more than just success. He’s got a fanbase that will be in his support 100 percent. One Direction has one of the biggest and most loyal fanbases of all time. Furthermore, when each of the boys decided to put out individual projects, the loyal fans had their backs. Since One Direction pretty much had world domination, it’s not a surprise that fans got really interested in each of the boys’ lives. Zayn has always been the mysterious one (which made him extra sexy, tbh). He spoke very little out of all the boys amid interviews/time with press. Furthermore, he liked to keep his life more private than some of the 1D boys. He always left us desiring more. So here are some of the facts about the artist which we believe every fan should know.

1. Real Name

“Zayn” with a “y” is really his stage name. The 22-year-old artist was born Zain Javadd Malik in East Bowling, England. And keeping in mind that we’re regarding the matter, “Zayn” signifies “delightful” in Arabic, while “Malik” means “ruler.” So fundamentally he’s an excellent lord. Talk about being properly named.

2. Traveling Experience

Until Zayn turned into a solo artist from One Direction, he had never possessed a visa or even traveled in a plane. Actually, the first occasion when One Direction took a flight together, the young men figured out how to persuade him the plane would flip over. It’s difficult to envision that scene currently, considering the young men have played more than 71 appears the world over in the previous year alone.

3. Pre-show Custom

As a member of 1D, Zayn (and the remainder of the band) had some odd pre-show customs. Among Zayn’s most interesting? Brushing his teeth before hitting the stage. That’s right, he minds a considerable amount about those silvery whites of his.

4. Fan Relation Got Too Close

Before getting connected with to Perrie in 2013, Zayn was uncovered (by Harry, no less!) to be the band part who had kissed the most fans. Um, where were we in 2012?!

5. Best Dressed Singer

In 2014, Zayn was named Best Dressed Male by GQ. Adulating his adoration for plane coats, his capacity to dismantle off hard-to-wear camo print, and how incredible he looks wearing dim dress shirts under dim suits, it’s no big surprise the production gave him their top style respect. (What’s more, clearly we can’t help but concur.)

6. He Gets Scared Easily

He’s somewhat of a scaredy feline, and it’s delightful. In addition to the fact that Zayn suffers from aquaphobia—which implies that he’s anxious about vast water and can’t swim—he’s additionally not a major aficionado of statures. Consequently why flying crosswise overseas most likely wasn’t his preferred action.

7. A Heart Of Gold

Zayn shows some heart of gold. Without a doubt, each Directioner realizes he purchased his mother and sisters another house, however did you additionally know Zayn can’t stand seeing a creature in any kind of distress? While recording This Is Us, the young men culled a fish out of water and keeping in mind that it wriggled in a net, Zayn needed to leave, disclosing he couldn’t stand to see it battling.

8. Tattoo Artist

He planned the vast majority of his tattoos himself, including his notorious pop workmanship “Zap!” tat. “I’m somewhat of a nerd with regards to comic books,” he clarified in his Teen Vogue main story in September 2013.

9. MJ Fan

Zayn’s all-time favourite song? “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. He’s additionally said on the off chance that he could eat with anybody in any condition, he’d pick the King of Pop.

10. Future Goals

Lastly, it would appear that he formally has his sights set on a performance vocation. On March 31, British music maker Naughty Boy launched the first demo of Zayn’s pristine melody, a hauntingly passionate ditty entitled “I Won’t Mind.”

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