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Taylor Swift Loves Fan’s Proposal for Movie-Adaptation of her Song

Taylor Swift is all ears for a fan’s latest proposal. The fan is looking for turning one of her songs into a movie. Swift and even her fans cannot wait for this to come true.


The internet is crushing over the fact that one of Taylor’s songs, The Last, a great American Dynasty, has been proposed to turn into a movie. But this proposition has not come from a production house as such. Rather a fan of the songstress has proposed this. Fans of the pop singer are really in love with this idea. They are having a wonderful time fantasizing about it.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

The fan ended you giving this proposition on Twitter. Well, from posts, it was made pretty evident that he had very well thought everything through. The cast and the plot are set. The cast would include Blake Lively as Rebekah, Ryan Reynolds as Bill, and Tyler Ferguson as the neighbor. This idea was loved was Taylor. The fact that her friends would be starring in a movie based on her song felt like an exciting concept to her.

What’s Taylor Swift up to these Days

Taylor came up with a new album called folklore. This album became a huge hit. It has been topping weekly lists or five weeks straight. The pop singer did put a lot of work into the album. It is thus reaping its desired results. Folklore is an amalgamation of folk tales and memories—the songs this very album of hers gives people a sense of nostalgia.

The Delicate singer always takes her fans seriously. The fact that she acknowledges a random wish of one of her fans is sweet on her part. She does deserve all the love and adoration that she gets from them.

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