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Megan Thee Stallion’s New Video Proves her Being the Best-Twerker

Megan Thee Stallion is now an acclaimed best twerker in town. With her new video now going viral, the songstress has barred all boundaries when it comes to shaking her booty.


Nobody does indeed shake it as Megan does. This new video of hers in which the rapper can be seen twerking in what looks like a gym setting makes everyone go crazy. The diva just mesmerized us all with the skill with which she was shaking her assets.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Megan went on to post this on her Instagram handle. She could be seen wearing matching shorts and top. She had her hair down and had shoes on. Her overall look did justice to her moves. Her millions of followers are just mesmerized by her dance moves. This video of hers indeed deserves her to be called the star of the twerking world.

In addition to being and rapper. Stallion is also a gamer. Instead, one can call her the sexiest games in the world. In a recent post of hers, she could be seen wearing underwear while holding gaming props. She did ace her look there.

What’s Megan up to these Days

Megan has been making headlines with her latest release with Cardi B i.e., WAP. The duo could be seen acing their moves and their rapping ability in the song. WAP has become a huge hit. It is even the most trending song on TikTok. Now, the two female rappers have given us all a sneak peek into behind the song’s scenes shots. This is a wonderful treat for their fans. We all do want to know what went into making WAP.

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There is no doubt that no one else shakes their booty like Stallion. This raging video is making is being loved by netizens. The female rapper does know how to flaunt her assets.

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