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Joe Budden Calls Tekashi69 Manipulator as he Disses the Rapper

Tekashi69 has another member added to his hater’s list. On one of The Joe Budden Podcast episodes, Budden got candid about his feelings about the notorious rapper. While doing so, he ended up making a huge revelation.


Tekashi69 has gotten in trouble high time. The rainbow rapper has recently released his album called TattleTales. The album, as expected by him, is not making the required amount of sales. This has very well come to the notice of 69 and his fans. So, now the rapper is finding ways to promote his music. This time he tried to take refuge in Buddens Podcast. But he has shooed away them him.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

TattleTales is crashing. This is a matter of concern for him. To promote his music, his team approached Joe’s show to call him for an interview. Instead, Budden decided to bring this to public notice. He sat down and shifted the rainbow rapper’s ill will behind this all. Budden is not at all ready to let 69 use his platform to spread filth. Tekashi69 has been accused of informing about his gang members, and his disses fo other rappers are also common knowledge.

Budden went on to say that he does not find any expertise or skill in his music. He believes there is some severe lack of talent in him.

What’s Tekashi69 up to These Days

In a recent revelation, Tahiry Jose accused Joe of domestic abuse. The rapper ended up being charged with this all after a recent interview. Now leaked audios of the same are testimony to this very fact.

Tekashi69 has been under the radar lately. The rapper has a reputation of being trolled by people. Well, he leaves no other option for anyone. He brings these things upon himself. No wonder he was trolled by Joe too.

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