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Brad Pitt’s Link to Present Girlfriend’s Ex is Seriously Atypical

Brad Pitt has been going about vacationing with his new love interest, who happens to be a model. Despite their huge age gap, they are like fine complementing one another. A recent revelation has about their weird linkups is making netizens go crazy.


Brad, 56, is dating a German model Nicole Poturalski, 27 currently. Pitt’s present girlfriend was formerly married to the owner of restaurant chains. This person goes by the name Roland Mary who is 68 years old. The model shares two kids with him.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

The link between Brad and his girlfriend’s ex is fascinating yet cringy. Roland sells Pitt’s wine in his restaurant situated in Berlin. This brand is appreciated by folks around. This link between the two is fascinating. But Pitt has been getting a lot of shades from people over this linkup of his. Moreover, Pitt’s girlfriend, too, is being dissed on social media.

Recently, Nicole posted a picture of hers on social media. The picture was a slap on all her haters. The model looked sexy and petite. Her perfect figure was perfectly visible. She is currently concentrated on living her life, barring all the hate.

Brad Pitt's new Girlfriend

What’s Brad Pitt up to these Days

It was recently reported that Brad and Angelina have stopped going for family therapy altogether. The growing differences between the two have separated them in real-time. It was rumored that Angelina is furious over her ex’s recent filing. It looks like this couple is no more in the mood to patch things up between them.

Pitt’s weird connection to his girlfriend’s ex-husband is extraordinary. But that’s life. We do end up getting connected. Brad has not yet spoken about it all. As far as he is concerned, we do not think so. He would be concerned about this very connection.

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